Board Games Lair, about us

About Us

Hi there, we’re Samar and Simon and welcome to Board Games LairĀ – nice to e-meet you!

Hope that you find our dedicated place (lair) to board games as valuable and fun as we do.


What is Board Games Lair?

Board Games Lair is a blog dedicated to board games and we aim to provide helpful information, product reviews and gameplay guides to board game fans across the world.

We believe that board games are a great way to have fun and connect with friends and family.


Why did we start Board Games Lair?

We started Board Games Lair because we love board games and wanted to share our passion with others.

We want to help people discover new games to play and provide helpful information on how to play them.

We also offer product reviews so that you can make informed decisions when purchasing new games.


What are our current favorite Board Games?

Currently, the board games that we enjoy the most are Saboteur, Activity and Uno.

We hope that you enjoy our site and find it helpful in your quest to become a board game fan!