Are board games a hobby

Are Board Games a Hobby? Explained in Plain English!

Board games have a long history of being seen as family-centric activities. From Chess to Monopoly to Scrabble to Cluedo, each board game has a unique identity and meaning. But the question is: are board games a hobby? 

Yes, they are 100% considered a hobby!

Board games are counted as a pretty productive and intellectual hobby.

Millions of people across the globe enjoy these games as part of their leisure time.

Find out more about why that is in the paragraphs below!

Why are Board Games Recognized as a Hobby?

Board games have a long history of being one of the most exclusive activities of the elites, the royalties, and the geniuses.

The traditional board gaming set consisted of pawns, a board and often times a dice.

Since then, board games have had their share of evolution and innovation.

Over the centuries, board games have lost much of their exclusivity and are now commonly played worldwide.

They’re available in all sorts of difficulty levels and gameplay mechanics. 

Board games are still considered as a hobby, but not just something restricted to the higher classes.

In fact, board games are now the main hobby for those who don’t have access to the internet or outdoor gaming facilities.

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Do Board Game Hobbyists Have Future Opportunities?

Board games, just like outdoor games, hold considerable importance in determining an individual’s capabilities.

You may not have heard about them, but board games have world championships and exclusive clubs.

Like football, basketball, cricket, or hockey, board game players also get scholarships and some media coverage. 

Regardless – board games certainly have a different kind of audience than other games or even sports.

Unlike baseball or rugby, board games don’t have a crowd cheering or chanting slogans all the time.

The environment is quieter and tenser, which allows players to maximize their concentration and playing skills.

On a side note, board games (when you are good enough) are also a great career option.

You can teach in schools and colleges, become a part of professional teams and help design board game tournaments as well.

If you have a knack for dealing with technology, you can also work with people who design virtual board games and AI board game players. 

Above all, board game enthusiasts and hobbyists get paid generously if they have polished their skills well enough.

Are Board Games a Good Hobby?

Yes, they are certainly a thoroughly productive and enjoyable hobby.

Whichever game you choose and whatever modes you play, there’s always something to look forward to.

Here are 4 fantastic benefits if you take up board games as a hobby:

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1. Board Games are Inexpensive

Board games require probably the least amount of investment.

If you go for physical games or VR gaming, you have to invest as much as thousands in order to start playing on a basic level.

The more you advance, the more expensive equipment will be required.

On the other hand, board games are almost always a one-off investment.

It’s up to you to maintain the board and all other game pieces, but nothing ever goes out of use.

Some people even inherit board game sets from their elderly family members and continue to play with them. 

So as long as you don’t plan on purposely buying a luxurious centuries-old chess set, you’ll never have to burden your wallet.

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2. Board Games Relieve You of Stress

If you need something to distract you from constant stress, there’s nothing as good as a challenging board game.

Play a round of Battleship, brace yourself up for Risk, or go for the good old Monopoly title.

There’s an endless variety of games in this category that you can try.

Moreover, board games are designed with a lot of attention to detail, so you will actually find yourself deviating from whatever thoughts are troubling you.

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3. They’re Excellent for Mental Activity

Board games aren’t just a distracting hobby.

They actually polish your mind and help you to improve your concentration and thinking skills.

Every move, every ‘pass,’ every risk requires the utmost level of mental clarity from you.

This has positive effects on your brain when dealing with studies, practical decisions and various stressful situations in general.

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4. Help With Human Bonding

Board games also teach you human civility through interpersonal and group communication.

Playing with family, friends, and professional players also helps you spend quality time with some lighthearted humor.

In general, board games as a hobby are a much better alternative to both online and offline video games.


Board games are certainly an incredibly fun and rewarding hobby.

There are a number of benefits to this leisure activity, making it even more awesome.

Even better, you can enjoy this type of game with people from various age groups, making them even more fun.

Now – how long have board games been a part of your leisure time activities?

Do you use them as a way to get away from daily stress?

Don’t be shy and leave your answers below and check out our other amazing content as well!

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