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Are Board Games Dying?

Board games aren’t dying and they have been around for thousands of years.

They are a legacy that many don’t want to let go of, and it doesn’t seem to be dying any time soon.

In some ways, this old hobby still retains excellent popularity

In Ancient Egypt, Egyptians played a game similar to chess, involving pawns made out of bones and clay.

Keep reading to find out why!

Are Board Games Still Popular?

Board games have certainly experienced a change in popularity in recent times.

Till the late twentieth century, nobody had anticipated the existence of a virtual space with digital games and online championships across the world.

Rain or shine, board games were the way to go.

Games like Sorry!, Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, Monopoly, Cluedo, and Snakes and Ladders were loved by millions, if not more.

Board games have actually witnessed a rise in sales during the last few years.

They are expected to be a booming business for the following to come.

The global board game market is worth 3.2 billion USD right now and is predicted to become more than double in the year 2021.

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Why Do People Think Board Games are Dying?

Board games alone do not face this dilemma.

With new technology comes new culture and new habits, and people expect old things to die out, just like that! But that doesn’t always happen.

The reason people have assumed that board games are headed toward doom stems mostly from current trends.

It’s true that the Telegraph reported a sharp decline in the number of people who reported enjoying board games.

Five years back, the newspaper held a survey that stated that while 73% of adults played board games as children, the figure for today’s child population stands at 44%.

This drew attention, alarm, and criticism with an overwhelming response.

However, this decline doesn’t necessarily indicate impending doom.

Board games may have been taken over by digital games and virtual reality, but they’re still here, and they’re still relevant.

Are Board Games Considered Out of Fashion?

Board games have certainly changed over the decades, but their popular appeal still exists.

All things considered; board games have evolved for the better.

For a long time, board games became prone to becoming arduously boring and monotonous.

They would go on for hours and hours until someone won. People seldom called a draw and would keep on playing because they always had tons of free time at hand.

There wasn’t any inclusivity, either.

Board game box designs depicted the men of the house enjoying the game while women would be seen at the far corner, washing dishes.

Since then, times have changed.

In a fast-paced world, we want board games to be quickly over. Hence, new board games are made to end quicker.

Board games are also more affordable and are often used for therapy as well.

These games are now more compact, affordable, durable, often environmentally sustainable, and always enjoyable to the last minute.

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Can Board Games Really Die?

The latest tech developments do not seem to have that arbitrary determinism to make board games vanish completely from their existence.

If board games have survived all the centuries of evolution, there’s no reason to believe that their doomsday clock is nearing midnight just right now.

Here are some logical explanations for why board games won’t die, at least not anytime soon:

1. Technology And Digitization Cannot Replace Everything

Yes, we do have video games that are way more popular than board games.

Board games are also being transformed into digital, cyberspace versions.

But the tangibility of their experience is so far unmatched, unbeaten, and most likely irreplaceable by tech advancement.

2. Board Games Are An Alternative To Digital Gaming

Boars games portray a whole new world. They’re free of aggression and toxic competitiveness that tags along with the digital gaming experience.

When children and adults are too weary from all the gadgets surrounding them, board games prove to be their ideal escape from reality.

Time and again, we’ve noticed that board games have always served the purpose of distraction, and to this day, continue to do the same.

3. Board Games Are Being Incorporated into Academics

This is the biggest myth buster for those who claim that board games are going out of use.

Board games have a big role to play in developing brainpower in young kids.

There are societies at school and college levels that teach new player techniques and sustain this legacy.


Board games most definitely aren’t dying and they’re here to stay.

They may have received some dents from the explosive popularity of digital games, but the concept isn’t going anywhere whatsoever.

Whether it’s a simple game of chess or a more complex board game involving intricate game mechanics and figures, these games are still very popular.

Now, do you personally think that board games are on their way out?

Let us know in the comment section below and make sure to read our other amazing articles as well!

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