Benefits of board games in the workplace

These are the Benefits of Board Games in the Workplace

Playing board games is beneficial in a number of ways, such as:

  • Alleviates stress levels
  • Improves creative skills
  • Encourages teamwork

All work and no play (i.e. relaxing) isn’t good, which is why many employers have begun to add board games to their office environment.

And all of these factors are hugely beneficial within the workplace.

But there’s more to it… read on to find out!

How Can Board Games Improve Mood?

Board games are known to improve mood because simply put, people enjoy playing them.

But the science behind this phenomenon goes much deeper.

You see, playing games encourages the release of endorphins, or “happiness hormones,” which play a significant role in boosting one’s mood.

It’s no secret that people working within an enclosed office space are prone to mental fatigue and low moods.

This is because the countless hours spent working in front of a screen coupled with little to no movement from one’s fixed seat can result in elevated stress levels.

As a result, this will negatively impact the mood and mental health of employees.

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Endorphins are Responsible for the Feel-Good Feeling

Endorphins improve mood by altering the brain’s neurological chemistry to create feelings of joy and relaxation.

They are also responsible for feeling good after playing board games.

They also trigger the brain’s reward center, which contributes to a more positive mood. 

Playing board games with one’s peers can trigger laughter, which is undoubtedly a great medicine and mood booster.

Laughter also contributes to making the overall gaming experience more enjoyable for everyone and creates a sense of well-being among players when they share laughter and smiles.

This, too, can help alleviate stress and lighten up your day.

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Do Board Games Improve Creativity?

Board games do encourage creativity.

When companies and corporations look for new employees to take on board, one of the first things they look at is an individual’s creative skills.

This is because creative people have more to bring to the table.

They always tend to have a unique viewpoint to share and help their team reach new heights.

And playing board games helps stimulate creativity!

They do this by placing the player within a make-believe world where they have to develop new and creative ways to combat the challenges presented to them by the game.

So, the more time an employee spends playing such games, the more their natural creative instinct is sharpened. 

Board games serve to harness and improve one’s creative capabilities.

These improved creative skills can later be employed when solving problems related to office matters, too.

This is exactly why many employers have begun encouraging employees to play more board games during their office breaks.

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How Can Board Games Improve Teamwork Skills?

In addition to improving creativity and mood, playing board games in the workplace with your colleagues can boost teamwork skills.

This is particularly true for board games that require players to form teams and play together.

Such games highlight the fact that a single player’s success depends heavily upon their partner’s performance.

As a result, players will make a conscious effort to give the game their best shot to not let the other person down.

And we all know that teamwork skills are highly valued within the workplace.

Those who are unsuccessful in working with teams often get left behind in their career growth goals.

To make sure this does not happen to any employee, employers can now be seen encouraging their employees to play board games together to help them improve their teamwork skills.

After all, teamwork makes the dream work!

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Breaking the Ice with Board Games

For those who are new to the office or possess more introverted characteristics, playing board games alongside their fellow colleagues can serve as an excellent way to break the ice. 

When playing together, employees will have no choice but to speak to one another, even if it’s just to discuss the game.

This kind of conversation can help strengthen the bond between co-workers, ultimately leading to a more synchronized and harmonious work environment.

For example – newer employees can use this opportunity to get to know the older community members.

They can have more comfortable and open discussions with them since they have something in common to talk about.

A conversation that starts out by discussing board games can easily take on the shape of other topics.

These conversations can ultimately lead to the players becoming more comfortable in one another’s presence-an advantage which will be extremely beneficial when working together on office projects. 

What are Some Common Workplace Board Games?

While there are many excellent board games in the market, not all of them are suitable for the workplace.

For example, a game like Monopoly may be too long to finish during lunch break.

While a game like Cards Against Humanity, on the other hand, may contain themes that are inappropriate for an office setting.

Therefore, employees must find the perfect game: one that is both respectful and that can be easily finished within a short period of time.

So, what are some common board games that are ideal for the workplace?

Here is a short list of our top picks:

  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Coup
  • Top Trumps
  • Monopoly Deal (an abridged version of the all-time classic game)

These games can all be set up in less than 5 minutes and can easily be finished within 15 to 25 minutes, making them perfect for the office!

They can also be played by multiple people simultaneously, which makes them ideal for larger groups. 


As you can see, board games can be an excellent tool for helping co-workers in a number of awesome ways.

These games not only promote teamwork skills and creativity but also help to break the ice between old and new colleagues.

They also help to reduce workplace-related stress, which is an often overlooked aspect.

And not only that, but they are also loads of fun to play and can serve as the perfect source of constructive and affordable in-office fun.

Now – have you ever played board games in your workplace?

And if not, do you plan on introducing this idea to your boss and colleagues?

Drop your answer in the comments below!

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