Should I Buy Pandemic or Pandemic Legacy

Should I Buy Pandemic or Pandemic Legacy? Definitive Answer!

This is whether or not you should buy Pandemic or Pandemic Legacy:

It’s probably best to buy Pandemic first as this is the original game that offers plenty of replayability and you can always add expansions later on.

However, Pandemic Legacy is an improved version with a brilliant campaign, although you’ll have to play with the same team to follow the story.

Keep in mind that they’re different games – Pandemic Legacy is not an expansion of Pandemic, it’s a standalone title!

Eventually, it all boils down to what you prefer – replayability (Pandemic) or an incredible campaign with loads of extra things (Pandemic Legacy).

Both of them are some of the best board games ever created and you will make a great choice, regardless of which one you choose.

But if you’re still caught between which one to go for, don’t worry because in the paragraphs below we’ll help you to make up your mind!

Pandemic vs Pandemic Legacy

Pandemic is ranked among the very best board games of all time. While Pandemic Legacy is frequently in the top 20, which is surprising, considering its raging popularity.

Pandemic has a broader audience, and it is played by millions across the world.

Many people prefer Pandemic over Pandemic Legacy because of its unique and distinctive gameplay.

We’ll take a closer look at all the factors to help you make a decision for yourself.

The Gameplay

Here’s a practical breakdown of the different gameplay in the two games:

1. Pandemic

Pandemic introduced board game fans to incredibly unique and exceptional gameplay.

The co-op gameplay was a new and distinctive approach to board games.

Previously, players would find themselves pitted against one another.

But Pandemic introduced gameplay that has much higher stakes: winning or losing as a team.

This multi-player game introduced the concept of teams playing against each other on one board.

The style was captivating, and it received a lot of attention across the world.

With the pace of evolution in the board gaming hobby, this co-op gameplay has emerged as a popular genre.

And despite the evolution, Pandemic continues to maintain its popularity as the pioneer of co-op board gaming.

2. Pandemic Legacy

People often wrongfully assume that Pandemic Legacy is actually a newer and improved version of Pandemic.

That’s not true as Pandemic Legacy is a spinoff of Pandemic i.e. it’s a standalone game, NOT an expansion of the original.

The Legacy counterpart of Pandemic comes with intricate and detailed gameplay that results in an utterly fabulous and enjoyable gaming session.

You begin playing with the basic Pandemic gameplay that gradually evolves and improves into an even more enticing gaming experience.

However, Pandemic Legacy requires a serious level of commitment from its players.

It is likely that once you are done with the entire game, you won’t start again.

If you are unsure about your commitment, starting with Pandemic is a great idea.

Besides, you will find it challenging to understand Pandemic Legacy and its dynamics without enjoying its predecessor.

Level of Challenge

This is the difference between the difficulty of both games:

1. Pandemic

Pandemic challenges players with a mixture of glee, awe, and excitement.

As compared to its successor, the gameplay is easier, and the challenge level won’t make you frustrated and anxious.

The base game is very easy to play and you’re more than likely to finish and replay it dozens of times.

Pandemic offers an endless array of varieties, which makes it an excellent choice.

2. Pandemic Legacy

Pandemic Legacy offers a mind-boggling campaign, which is also very exciting and enjoyable.

But as mentioned above, it requires a certain level of commitment to play the entire game.

This will require a formidable skillset at the base game because much of the gameplay is similar.

Players are unlikely to start playing Pandemic Legacy again once they finish.

If you’re looking for a board game you can play over and over, the original Pandemic is definitely the right choice.

The base game will gently ease you into the gameplay and challenges and build up your skills for Legacy.

If you enjoy Pandemic, you can eventually move on to Pandemic Legacy.

Gaming Experience

1. Pandemic

Pandemic is an excellent game if you want to exercise your brain and enjoy a mind-invigorating game with your friends or family.

Keep in mind that even seasoned board gamers find Pandemic quite challenging.

It will take some time to catch up with the specific rules and dynamics, but the experience is engaging and fascinating.

Pandemic never fails to draw in the players with its fascinating disease-fighting theme.

It is a game that emphasizes the need for cohesion within a team.

Players must work closely together and support each other to win.

The gameplay is a wondrous form of art, and you are bound to feel fascinated by it.

2. Pandemic Legacy

Pandemic Legacy keeps the legacy alive with even more challenging gameplay.

While it appeals to all Pandemic lovers, this game is challenging and requires veteran gaming skills.

The game revolves around a campaign that is completed over multiple sessions that require the same players in terms of gameplay cohesion.

Each gaming session builds upon the experiences and choices of the previous sessions.

Every move made by a player counts and profoundly impacts future decisions and sessions to come.

Pandemic Legacy has a partially scripted storyline and is partly determined by the players’ choices.

What’s the Difference Between Pandemic and Pandemic Legacy?

Pandemic Legacy is a much more challenging version of Pandemic and takes the gameplay to a whole new level.

Much like the original gameplay, you are still fighting disease outbreaks and pandemics.

But the story is amazingly evolved, and this evolution is guided by no one other than the players involved.

In Pandemic Legacy the players are the ones who define the story of the game.

For instance, if your moves trigger an outbreak in a city, the upcoming sessions will prove immensely challenging.

An outbreak would restrict your travels, which will heighten the difficulty level.

Moreover, Pandemic Legacy introduces an interesting array of characters, challenges, goals, and features.

The story is truly incredible and the narrative is very engaging, which is why so many people prefer the Legacy interpretation of Pandemic.

Now let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of each game:

1. Pandemic


  • Great replayability factor
  • Immersive gameplay
  • Easier for beginners


  • Less challenging

Pandemic Legacy


  • Challenging and fascinating gameplay
  • Variety of new characters and goals
  • A lot of other extra goodies


  • Unsuitable for beginners


So, which one should you choose: Pandemic or Pandemic Legacy?

Both games are equally fascinating and enjoyable so it’s up to you to make that decision.

However, as the gaming rite of passage dictates, it is advisable to start with the predecessor that served as the inspiration.

Pandemic would prove an excellent choice, and once you’ve enjoyed it, you can upgrade to Pandemic Legacy.

Both games are a great choice but starting with Pandemic is probably the better idea.

If you are a novice board gamer, you will find it easier, to begin with Pandemic.

Pandemic Legacy requires strong mathematical skills and playing Pandemic will help you cultivate these skills.

Now, which of these two games do you prefer?

And if you’ve played one of the Pandemic games before, which one is your favorite?

Let us know by leaving a comment below and make sure to check our other unique content as well!

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